The Mackay Vets team has won the Interclub Challenge Shield for 2019 after an impressive team effort, scoring 304 points in the fourth and final round of the annual Veterans Interclub Competition which was played at the Sarina Golf Club on Thursday, 18th July 2019.

A capacity field of 98 players took to the fairways of the the Sarina Golf Club, with teams of 18 players from Pioneer Valley, 28 from Mackay, 22 from Black Springs and 29 from the home club. 

Victorious Mackay Vets Team Captain Greg Lingard receives the Interclub Challenge Shield from the President of Mackay and District Veterans Golfers Association, John McClymont of Sarina.

The Sarina team, playing on their home turf, was too strong for the challenger teams on the day, the team scoring a massive 313 points to win the day’s event by 9 points. Mackay was second with 304, followed by Pioneer Valley (274) and Black Springs (267).

However, Mackay was placed ahead after Round 3, with a lead of 4 points over Black Springs and a 16 point lead over Sarina, and Sarina’s final round score fell just 7 points short of taking the Shield – Mackay’s stirling second place result over the home team sealed the deal.

The final result was Mackay in first place with 1177 points, Sarina second with 1170 points, last year’s shield holder, Black Springs was third with 1136 points and Pioneer Valley with 1086.

Although the Sarina team won the day, the best score of the day was shot by Mackay’s Fred Bartolo, handicap 20 – an awesome 43 points, Wayne Newman of Sarina two points behind with 41. Ann Hewitt (Sarina – 15 handicap) top scored for the ladies with 36 points, Karen Hindle (Pioneer Valley – handicap 24) was runner-up with 34 points.

Mackay’s leading scorers on the day, supporting Fred in top place, were Joe Hong with 40 points, Neil Morris with 39 points, John Webb with 38 points, Glenn Jackson with 37 points, Rob Byrnes and John Crerar both on 36 points, then Barry Sullivan, Greg Lingard, George Nuttall and Max Direen all vying for the final spot with 35 points.

Such a close result emphasises the strength of the Veteran Clubs making up the Mackay and District Veterans Association. Mackay’s team score in this round allowed them to maintain a lead in the overall four-round event but there is no doubt that Mackay will need to stay in top form to hold off the challenges for the shield next year.

Mackay started the series with a great score of 289 at Pioneer Valley, three shots ahead of the home team. Then at their home game, Mackay blitzed the field to set up an overall lead of 23 points going into the Black Springs round. However, the game plan almost unraveled in the third round, when the Mackay team found it difficult to come to grips with the Black Springs layout, and nearly allowed Black Springs to overtake them. Mackay was just able to scrape through, maintaining a slim lead of just 4 points after Black Springs scored an impressive 318 points for the day (averaging nearly 40 points by each of their 8 leading team members). Defending this lead, Mackay attacked the Sarina fairways and although not able to beat the home team, they played well enough to finish in the lead.

Mackay’s top scorers in the series were Fred Bartolo (handicap 20) with 43 points; Neil Morris (6) and Joe Hong (15) with 40 points; Ken Kratz, Greg Lingard, Russell Griffin, Barry Sullivan and Lorraine Argus with 39; and Ray Cook (2 rounds), Glenn Jackson and John Webb all with 38 points.

Black Springs started off slowly, in last place after the Pioneer Valley round, and were unable to improve their position in the second round at Mackay. However, on their home ground, 14 of their team scored at par or better, with 39 points the lowest score in their top group of eight. With 318 points, they leaped into second place, relegating Pioneer Valley to last place, and Sarina in between. However, a lack-lustre showing in the final round left then languishing in third place

Top scorers for Black Springs were David Patch (41), Michael Jorgensen, Alan Hunt, Blue Nancarrow, Reg Millett (40), and Rick Lebrun and Rodney Brebner (39).

Sarina also started off slowly, in third place after Round 1, but shot into second place after a strong showing at Mackay in Round 2. Their team’s 296 was second on the day only 11 points behind the day’s top score, and featured two 39-pointers by two of their lady vets – Ruth Grainger and Dianne Holewa. In spite of a very respectable 284 at Black Springs, in second place for the day, the Black Springs team’s performance pushed Sarina back to third place after the third round. However, home town advantage and some great play in Round 4 catapulted then into second place.

Sarina’s Greg Chrzanowski tied for the score of the series at Black Springs – 43 points on a course that many players found difficult to conquer. He was well supported over the series by the team including Wayne Newman (41), Darryl Dearness, Eddie Halat and Harold Brookes (40 each) and Mike Lindeberg, Ruth Grainger and Dianne Holewna (39 each).

Pioneer Valley started off with gusto, a close second comfortably ahead of the next two, but were disappointed with their team’s handling of the Mackay course in Round 2. Just managing to scrape in a third after the first two rounds, they were no match for Black Springs’ attack on their home ground, slipping into bottom position and not able to find the super performance needed in the final round to get off bottom.

Leading scores by the Pioneer Valley teams included an excellent 40 points by Allan Cameron at Black Springs, 38 points by Richard Treloar, and 37 points each from Wayne Sampson, Don Bloxsidge, Karen Hindle and Dale Hoffmann.

Scores for Each Round:
Mky Vets: 289307277304
Sar Vets: 277296284313
BS Vets: 267284318267
PV Vets: 286269257274
Progressive Scores after:
Mky Vets: 2895968731177
Sar Vets: 2775738571170
BS Vets: 2675518691136
PV Vets: 2865558121086