Vets Golf is Back in 2021 – But with New Rules

After a disrupted program of Veterans Golfing in 2020, which saw many events cancelled, the easing of restrictions has allowed the Committee to again schedule a comprehensive program of golf for 2021.

However, there are new rules and procedures in place for us to run our own “Vets Only” Competitions to comply with the Mackay Golf Club’s new policies and COVID protocols. Read a summary of the changes below, or check out the Programme page on this web site – Click on “Programme” in the Menu.

You can see the full 2021 Vets Program by following the link from the Programme page, by clicking on the “Programme” menu item.

The year started with a curtailed Aussie Mackay Summer Series of Golf, with large fields for both rounds.

Opening Day for the Veterans’ 2020 Golf Season is on Monday 1st February. The competition is a Mixed American Foursomes sponsored by AAA Mining Consumables, with an overflow for any gentlemen who are unable to find a lady partner for the day.

Wintersun is back! The Tournament Director is planning to run Wintersun 2021 this year, after being forced to cancel Wintersun 2020. The provisional starting date is Monday 2nd August (at Proserpine), ending at Mackay on Tuesday 10th August.

The Interclub Competitions were another casualty of the pandemic, but it is planned to hold the event again this year – at Sarina, Black Springs and Mackay, with the final round at Pioneer Valley. Dates are in the 2021 Program.

The MVGA Championships 2021 – Men and Women – are also planned for July over two rounds – sponsored by Pyramid Security.

With the success of the last Summer Series, it is planned to repeat the concept for the 2021/2022 Summer. It will again be a series of mixed Single Stableford events.

The complete program can be found on the web under the “Programme” menu item.

How do the changes affect me?

Vets and Non-Vets Competitions to Run Side-by-side.

Our Vets competitions on Mondays will be run along side, and on the same time-sheet as the Mackay Golf Club’s regular Monday Medley competition open to all members. However, Vets MUST nominate for the Vets competition AND TELL THE PRO SHOP WHEN REGISTERING if they are playing in the Vets competition rather than the MGC competition of the day.

When can I Play?

The time sheet will have times available for a morning field and a Shotgun Afternoon field that starts at 12 noon. Players in the Vets event will normally play in the afternoon session.

Vets can choose to play in the Vets competition in the morning session, but must have an eligible Vet playing partner for 4BBB and pairs competitions – AND DON’T FORGET TO TELL THE PRO SHOP!

Note that the “normal” MGC Monday competition is a Medley Single Stableford, while the Vets program has a wide variety of competition types.

What if my playing partner is not a Vet?

There are no “reserved” time slots for Vets only. Players in the MGC competition can also put their name in any timeslot. This isn’t particularly an issue for singles competitions, but if you aren’t careful in 4BBB and pairs competitions, you might find yourself partnered with someone who isn’t playing in the Vet competition, which will also disqualify you from the Vets competition. Solution – try to nominate with a partner into adjacent time-slots (eg Slots 1 & 2, or slots 3 & 4).

Monday Vets Competitions are Nominally 12 noon SGS

The Vets-only competitions have been held by the MVGA for many years, regularly on Monday, with a semi-shotgun start about noon. This provided for the majority of the field to finish in time to gather for presentations and conviviality after the game. The new rules and COVID protocols have required a re-think of the way we approach the game as an association.

The Vets committee suggests that the best way to continue the culture and camaraderie of the previous years’ vets events is for vets to nominate in the afternoon shotgun start when possible, so that they can then gather together for the presentation after their game. This is basically retaining the general structure of the “Monday Vets”, but allowing some options for Vets who would sometimes like to play earlier.

To read more details of the new arrangements, please go to the Programme page on this web site, by clicking on the “Programme” menu item.