Bon Voyage – Barbara and Duncan – and Thanks for the Memories!

It is probably difficult to think of the Mackay Golf Club and the Mackay Veteran Golfers Association without thinking of the Robertsons – Barbara and Duncan, and we are sad that they have decided to leave Mackay and emigrate to Mexico, ahhh… Victoria to be closer to family.

But we are also lastingly grateful for the enormous contribution that Barbara and Duncan have made to golfing in Mackay over the sixty-seven years – their kindness, friendship and enthusiasm touched almost everyone in the Mackay Golf Club and the Veterans Association at one time or another.

Since joining the Mackay Golf Club in the 1950s, Duncan’s career included Open and Senior Championships and many terms as Secretary/Treasurer and President of the Club. Along with Leo Hartley, Duncan was instrumental in the formation of the Mackay & District Veteran Golfers Association, serving for several years as its Secretary/Treasurer as well as a number of years as President. This association provided the impetus for the formation of the several club based Veteran Golfers Associations in each club in the district.

In 2008, Duncan succeeded Leo Hartley as Patron of both the Mackay Golf Club and the Mackay Veterans Association, along side Elspet Mulherin as Patroness.

For his extensive contribution to Golf in Mackay, Duncan was created a Life Member of the Mackay Golf Club and an Honorary Member of the Mackay Vets Association.

Apart from the support that Barbara provided to Duncan in his Golfing endeavours, Barbara was also an enthusiastic golfer, and played an important part in the promotion of Women’s golf in Mackay. Barbara was President of the Mackay Golf Club “Associates” when on the 60-year anniversary, 1985, ladies were admitted as full members of the Golf Club – a very progressive move for those times.

Today’s Vets President, Rowan, said that he felt that, as well as kicking off the 2021 season, just as important was our privilege to farewell Duncan and Barb Robertson, our own “ living legends”. Wine, flowers and a sense of sincere gratitude was gifted, followed by a toast and enthusiastic applause.
Duncan then graciously spoke, recalling past anecdotes.
He bade us farewell, with some sadness.

We all wish him and Barbara every happiness and health in their new career choice – and hope that they don’t find the Melbourne weather too challenging and the Golf Courses just as challenging!