Black Springs Leads after Black Springs Round.

The Black Springs Vets team has won the second round of the Interclub Challenge Shield for 2021 after an impressive team effort, scoring 288 points in this round of the annual Veterans Interclub Competition which was played at the Black Springs Golf Club on Monday, 17 May 2021.

The Black Springs Vets team certainly took advantage of playing on their home course with an almost run-away win of 24 points over the opposition.

A capacity field of 64 players took to the fairways of the Black Springs Golf Club, with teams of 19 players from Black Springs, 16 players from Mackay, 13 players from Sarina and 16 players from Pioneer Valley.

The Black Springs team, playing on their home turf, was too strong for the challenger teams on the day, the team scoring an impressive 288 points to win the day’s event by 24 points. Mackay was second with 264 points, followed by Sarina (249) and Pioneer Valley (248).

The best score of the day for the men, 41 points, was shot by Ken Barba (Black Springs Club), Handicap 21, closely followed by Runner-up Alan Lockyer (Black Springs Club), Handicap 20 – shooting 38 points. Third highest scores were returned by Eric Budby (Sarina Club), Handicap 18 and Alan Hunt (Black Springs Club), Handicap 16, both scoring 37 points.

The best score of the day for the ladies, 32 points, was shot by Margaret Griffin (Mackay Club), Handicap 21, closely followed by Runner-up Karen Hindle (Sarina Club), Handicap 20 – shooting 31 points. Third highest score was returned by Diane Holewa (Sarina Club), Handicap 21, with a score of 27 points.

Our own leading scorers on the day, supporting Rowan Pert (Hcap 14) with 35 points were Peter Bourke (Hcap 10) – 34 points, Lindsay Richardson (Hcap 20) – 33 points, Thomas Kyte (Hcap 14) – 33 points, John Crerar (Hcap 15) – 33 points, Margaret Griffin (Hcap 21) – 32 points, Bruce Beasley (Hcap 21) – 32 points and Barry Sullivan (Hcap 19) – 32 points.

Mackay Team Scores for Black Springs Round:
Rowan Pert (14) 35 Peter Bourke (10) 34
Lindsay Richardson (20) 33 Thomas Kyte (14) 33
John Crerar (15) 33 Margaret Griffin (21) 32
Bruce Beasley (21) 32 Barry Sullivan (19) 32


Club Scores for Each Round:
. at SGCat BSGCat MGCat PVGC
Black Springs Vets248288.. ..
Mackay Vets251264.. ..
Sarina Vets271249.. ..
Pion Valley. Vets249248.. ..


Progressive Club Scores after Round at:
Black Springs Vets248536.. ..
Sarina Vets271520.. ..
Mackay Vets251515.. ..
Pion. Valley Vets249497.. ..