The enjoyment of good company in a great setting

Mackay Veteran Golfers are blessed with one of the best provincial golf courses in Australia. And the club is renowned for its convivial atmosphere where great friendships develop.

New members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in all the activities.

Rules of The Mackay Veteran Golfers Association Inc

President, Russell Griffin

Vice-President, David Dunkley

Margaret Griffin

Vice-President, Margaret Griffin

Greg Lingard

Men’s Captain, Greg Lingard
Phone 0467 729 305

Ladies’ Captain, Aileen Kenny
Phone 0427 549 958

Pat Crompton

Treasurer, Pat Crompton
Phone 0402 868 539 Email

Secretary, Sue Rowlinson
Phone 0438 787 295 Email

Tony Bell

Tournament Director, Tony Bell

Duncan Robertson

Patron, Duncan Robertson

Patroness, Elspit Mulherin