There are two ways you can Enter for Wintersun:

THE PREFERRED WAY IS TO FILL IN THE WEB ENTRY FORM BELOW.  This is the easiest way and you receive a confirmation eMail of your entry. However, you must pay your entry fees by Bank Direct Deposit to the Association's bank account.

Please Note - if using the Web Entry Form and you do NOT receive an automatic Confirmation Email within a few minutes, please check the form for errors, correct and re-submit.

Alternatively, click this button to download a printable form that you can fill in, scan and email to the Tournament Director.

CARTS - All cart allocations will be managed by the Wintersun Committees at each venue.  Please indicate your cart availability, sharing, "play-with" requests  or cart requirements in the relevant places in the form below. Please DO NOT attempt to book carts through the individual clubs.

PLEASE NOTE: When you tap the "Submit" button, your entry is checked for errors and will not be sent if any of the mandatory fields (*) are not completed.

Instead, the field(s) with the error will be highlighted in pale red.

If your Nomination is successfully sent you will be taken to a Confirmation Web Page, otherwise you should check the Entry Form page for any highlighted fields. 

Also, if successfully sent, you will receive an automatic acceptance eMail including an attachment showing your entry details within a couple of minutes of submitting your entry.

If you don't receive this email, please check your web entry form for errors.