Sarina Wins 2022 Interclub Challenge.

The Sarina Vets team has won the 2022 MVGA Interclub Shield by 30 points from Mackay following the fourth and final round of the Interclub Challenge Shield which was held at the Mackay Golf course on Monday, 22nd August 2022.

A field of 110 players took to the fairways of the Mackay Golf Club, with teams of 13 players from Black Springs, 52 players from Mackay, 26 players from Sarina and 19 players from Pioneer Valley.

The Mackay team returned the best overall score for the day of 273 points, followed by Sarina on 258 points. Black Springs scored 248 points and Pioneer Valley scored 242 points.

The best score of the day for the men, 36 points on a countback, was shot by Pat Crompton (Mackay), Handicap 20, followed by Runner-up Herman Van Uitert (Sarina), Handicap 18, also with a score of 36 points. Third best score was returned by Pat Schick (Mackay), Handicap 14 with a score of 35 points.

The best score of the day for the ladies, 37 points, was shot by Robyn Arthur (Pioneer Valley), Handicap 21, followed by Runner-up Jenny Nancarrow (Black Springs), Handicap 36 – shooting 36 points on a count back. Third highest score was returned by Wendy Grendon (Mackay), Handicap 15, also with a score of 36 points.

Club Scores for Each Round:
Black Springs Vets212253279248
Mackay Vets248283252273
Sarina Vets280270278258
Pioneer Valley Vets227266241242

Progressive Club Scores for the Competition:

Black Springs Vets212465744992
Mackay Vets2485317831056
Sarina Vets2805508281086
Pioneer Valley Vets227493734976